“Doing it Anyways”… Doing Things When You’re Exhausted

Three Things in Life - Body, Mind, Will: Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will. Feel the fear and do it anyway

Three Things in life: Body, Mind, Will - Will logoThese slogans are a dime-a-dozen. Pretty with some truth in it, but how??!! After all, it’s very easy to say these things.

But! How can you do it anyway?


You’re doing 10 sets of pull-ups. You’ve got 5 sets left to go.

You’re tired, it hurts, you want to quit.

How do you carry on?

Or, more commonly, for office workers

You’re pulling all-nighters to finish that project.

The grind of changing and changing things is getting to you.

You’re exhausted.

How do you carry on?

In both cases, I want to finish. But they’re contextually different. And they need different strategies.

Case A: Exercise

That’s just temporary pain. It hurts oh so intensely but it’s just temporary within a short period of time.

I’ll breathe. Grit my teeth. And do another set.

Case B: Work

The pain stretches over a longer period of time. It’s unhealthy and not feasible to carry on pulling all-nighters.

I’d take a step back, stay away from it for a while, and then return to it.

Are They Effective?

For the short term, yes. But it’s just a temporary fix.

To do it day in and day out, to grit and bear and carry on that way?

You’re just asking for trouble.

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This Post is About Beer & Headaches

Beers lined up in a row. From This Post is About Beer & Headaches

So I went on a beer fast for one week.

No beers. No coffee.

What a headache I got.

It was a pulse-pounding, lord-forgive-me headache that kept drumming on the left side of my head and just above my eyebrow.

Despite the pain, I felt that I was making progress. After all, denying my body of toxins and stimulants could only do me good. And I feel like I’ve achieved sainthood in my denial of pleasure.

This Post Isn’t About Pain From Abstinence

As you can see, I like denial: “No no no. And Mary Mary very contrary.”

Hence this post is about pain from giving in. Particularly to beers.

I had two beers. Two beers spaced over two hours. In metric volume, that’s one litre of the fizzy, syrupy stuff sipped over two hours.

Two hours later, my head felt like a clan of Gully Dwarves had babbled nonsense into my memory and stomped on my neurons.

Headaches that's as bad Gully Dwarves marching in. From This Post is About Beer & Headaches

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That was an unpleasant sensation.

More than that, I felt dirty. Like I’ve slipped into mulch. And rose with muck spilling from my pockets and sewage matted in my hair.

Thankfully, I got past without a hangover the next day. But for the next week and beyond, I’m staying away from beer (and booze).

And back into detox mode.

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Thoughts on Unplugging from the System

Would I feel better once I’ve attended to the little things?

For the next week, let me exercise twice a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon.


Unplugging from certain parts of the system is healthy while unplugging from other parts can wind up to be simply foolish. Before making any radical decision to pull out completely it would be my advice to take baby steps and really think about what it is that keeps you overwhelmed with stress each day. I used to be stressed out driving to work each morning. Now I leave 10 minutes earlier and relax as I listen to my favorite music and arrive at work feeling calm instead of stressed. What things in your life need a little attention?

Source: Thoughts on Unplugging from the System


Lots of staring at a laptop


I’ve been waking early at 530am to work on decks and sleeping late to work on my assignments. In between work end to assignment time, I’ve gone for seminars, meetups, study groups and classes.

I return home at 9pm. Then I stare at the laptop screen before settling in to sleep at 12am.

It’s not working out too well. It’s three hours down the drain.

The screen sucked me in.

I do it willingly. It’s something that I surrender to without thinking.

I simply do.

That has to change.

How do you get rid of your digital addiction?



…because I injured my lower back again.

This time a strange shooting pain spiked into my right leg for 3 days.

I did very little. Just some swimming.

But I’m not restored yet.

Let me do this again this week. Tomorrow.

Jumps, high knees, lots of skipping, and push ups.

Day 1 of Restore

Short half hour burst in the morning at 7 am.

  1. 60kg deadlifts
  2. Jump squats
  3. Burpees

Worked up a little sweat but still feeling out of it. Been at the laptop since 530am — fixing up a set of wireframes and editing a whitepaper. 

Looking to swim and do hang cleans later in the day.

Squats after knee and ankle injuries

It’s been a painful expensive month. I’ve jacked up my back with deadlifts and strained my right knee and ankle playing basketball. 

Squat weight at 60kg in total

It was quite harrowing. I landed normally, in a lunge position. But it buckled and collapsed under me. 

The good thing is that there isn’t any structural damage but my ligaments feel sore even til now.

Regardless, I need to exercise. I look and feel like flab. For this week, its big movements every day.

I’ll be doing this workout:

  1. Squat or deadlift
  2. Jump rope
  3. Lunge jumps
  4. Benches or shoulder presses
  5. Rows

Where possible, I’ll include dips and pull ups at the nearby fitness park.

Home gym set up for this morning