Week 2 Challenge: No Beer


I’ve been drinking way too much over the last few weeks. This week (11 to 17 Jan 2016), I will not drink any alcohol — beer, spirits, whatever have you not.

It’ll take effort.

I almost automatically reach for a pint after work (or sometimes in the middle!). To do otherwise, means that I’ve to distract myself, replace the action of drinking alcohol, and turn it into a thing that I don’t enjoy.

How Do I Complete This Challenge?

  1. If… Then… Coping Strategies
    1. If I am asked to drink beer, I’ll beg off.
    2. If I am faced with a beer, then I’ll eat something
  2. Destress the Hot Mechanism
    1. Work & Relationship stress creates a desire to drink. Use breathing exercises to defuse this stress.
    2. Stay fueled. Eat something towards the end of day.
  3. Make the Punishment Horrible
    1. If I drink, I give $100 away. Just leave it on the table.

Fingers crossed. Here I go.


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