Week 2: No Beer Round Up

wk 2 roundup - 2016_01_17

No beer. No problem.

Even as I type this post, I don’t really want a beer. But the week of doing without taught me things about myself:

  1. Choose Your Replacement Activity Wisely
    Mine was to eat. Not a bad thing in moderation (or in drips and drabs), but I went for milkshakes, double meals, and handfuls of star sugar biscuits. Too much, too sweet, and too soon. No wonder I gained 1 kg this week!
  2. Beer is my social glue
    Whether it’s to meet new people or catch-up with friends. Quaffing a pint is my way of getting a social life. The rest of the time I’ll be off doing things on my own.
  3. Fridays are fraught with “I deserve that” mentality
    As I worked through Friday, I had a feeling that I deserved a reward for simply making it through the week. Lo and behold, I went off to get some nice dim sum and sushi as lunch and snack treats before dinner (see point 1.). In the past, I would have gone for a pint or 4.

    It’s all because I think “I deserve something nice” at the end of week. Not very promising. (Families.com has a nice read on Getting over the “I Deserve That” Mentality)

  4. I feel oddly lost in the mornings
    I’m a lark — I wake up at 6-ish and get about by 630am. Yet, I’m not getting anything done in the morning. Apart from drinking really dry and sour coffee and staring into space. It’s like I’ve lost an anchor of sorts.

The week’s challenge was always about just removing one thing (i.e. don’t drink beer). But I’m shocked at the ease that I’m primed for a pint (“I Deserve That”) and the effect of my replacement activities  (“Another ice-cream? Maybe a chocolate milkshake? Ooooo…..”).

That’s gotta change. And that’ll be the challenge.


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