Week 3 Challenge: No Sugar, No Coffee

wk 3 challenge - 2016_01_18

Ultimately, my weight gain (1 kg in a week) was quite sobering. That’s because I didn’t plan my replacement activities well.

In response, this week’s challenge is all about cutting away the sugars (that means anything processed such as milkshakes, sodas, beers, ice-cream etc). The coffee bit arose because I was drinking up to three cups of Java Joe every day. Some say it’s OK, I think it’s damn controlling.

How Do I Complete This Challenge?

  1. Stay away from sugars! 
    Lots of things have sugar in them (e.g. bread, pad thai). I won’t be able to cut it out entirely, but I can minimise my exposure to them. Don’t put sauces or choose savoury over sugary sweet.
  2. Replacement Activities (in this case, food)
    Eat small meals. Stay away from beers and deserts.
    Drink green tea.
  3. Punishment 
    Leave $100 on the table if I do either.

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