Squats after knee and ankle injuries

It’s been a painful expensive month. I’ve jacked up my back with deadlifts and strained my right knee and ankle playing basketball. 

Squat weight at 60kg in total

It was quite harrowing. I landed normally, in a lunge position. But it buckled and collapsed under me. 

The good thing is that there isn’t any structural damage but my ligaments feel sore even til now.

Regardless, I need to exercise. I look and feel like flab. For this week, its big movements every day.

I’ll be doing this workout:

  1. Squat or deadlift
  2. Jump rope
  3. Lunge jumps
  4. Benches or shoulder presses
  5. Rows

Where possible, I’ll include dips and pull ups at the nearby fitness park.

Home gym set up for this morning


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