“Doing it Anyways”… Doing Things When You’re Exhausted

Three Things in life: Body, Mind, Will - Will logoThese slogans are a dime-a-dozen. Pretty with some truth in it, but how??!! After all, it’s very easy to say these things.

But! How can you do it anyway?


You’re doing 10 sets of pull-ups. You’ve got 5 sets left to go.

You’re tired, it hurts, you want to quit.

How do you carry on?

Or, more commonly, for office workers

You’re pulling all-nighters to finish that project.

The grind of changing and changing things is getting to you.

You’re exhausted.

How do you carry on?

In both cases, I want to finish. But they’re contextually different. And they need different strategies.

Case A: Exercise

That’s just temporary pain. It hurts oh so intensely but it’s just temporary within a short period of time.

I’ll breathe. Grit my teeth. And do another set.

Case B: Work

The pain stretches over a longer period of time. It’s unhealthy and not feasible to carry on pulling all-nighters.

I’d take a step back, stay away from it for a while, and then return to it.

Are They Effective?

For the short term, yes. But it’s just a temporary fix.

To do it day in and day out, to grit and bear and carry on that way?

You’re just asking for trouble.

Featured image from jkilley 


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