On Running & Timings: 21 to 27 Mar

Here goes my time table for the next week. I’ve switched over to lots of morning explosive exercises and running. And I’ve also included a bunch of timings too. These should help me stay on track. Of course, things change. But it shouldn’t change too much. Friday’s a holiday. Woohoo! More time to CBL (short for doing nothing of consequence)!



Slippage & Goodness: Revising for the Week Ahead

Most plans are pulled awry by incoming urgent requests as well as the inability to say “no”. As you can see the week started well and in accordance with the plan. However as I progressed past Tuesday and into Wednesday, things started to break up and slip away.

Things that got away

  1. I didn’t get into my studies after and before work.
  2. Work is spilling over into my before and after time
  3. I do exercise daily, but it’s not bearing fruit.
  4. Saturday hangover burnt up that day’s action

Good things that happened

  1. Finished the LKY report!
  2. Exercised daily!
  3. Had birthday activities on my birthday!
  4. Fulfilled my weekend activities – despite a pounding headache.

03_14 to 03_20

What next for next week?

  1. Start the day earlier
    Right now, I’m starting at 7am. But I’m really just staring into space until 8am. Wait if I took action at 630 and breakfasted at 7am instead?
  2. Revise exercises to burn belly fat
    The belly is getting on me. It’s harder to move efficiently.
    I’ll focus on running, sprints and explosive movements. They are complemented with compound exercises. I’ve bought a squat rack and workout bench to do away with the travelling between home and gym.
  3. Actually review investments
    Most shares tanked at the beginning of the year. However, I didn’t do anything about it (except sell off my Sabana stocks). This is a missed opportunity to pick up good stocks on the cheap.
  4. Data Science Course
    Finish up this course. It’s all about predictive machine learning, but honestly it’s not too tough to do. Just put in 2 hours a day and you’ll make it.

14 to 20 Mar

New templates need to be iterated. Instead of starting with Saturdays, I now start with Mondays and have an additional space for Weekend Activity. I think this fits better with how we normally think about work weeks and weekends.

Alright. Onwards!


Time Table Recap: 5 to 11 Mar

This time-table structure seems to be working for me. I did most of the things that I’d set out to do. Except for the Data Science Project bit. I had to complete a report for a client – and that took quite a while to do. I like the explicitness of this time table.

It helps because it reduces cognitive load. After all, I’ve already decided how it to do it. It’s just a matter of summoning up the will to do it.

03_05 to 03_11

Falling off the wagon is easy. Getting back on is damn hard

It’s been a month since the last update. And I’ve experimented with having a beer again.Now that turned into a carton and more ever since. Not good tidings for my health as well as energy. I do feel quite sapped right now.

What went wrong? On reflection, I think it’s because I left it to me to monitor myself. I didn’t have goal reminders or schedule to keep to – except for work (but that’s just work and not life). At the same time, I’ve been overly focused on completing 1 challenge while letting the rest slide (Week 3: No Coffee. No Sugar).

So so so. Here’s my remedy. I’d build a weekly schedule with weekly challenges and goal reminders. For this week (starting on Saturday), I’ll do the stuff in this schedule below.



Week 4 Challenge: 30 minutes of silence

wk 4 challenge - 2016_01_25

Two weeks of deprivation and I thought I’d try being mindful in silence instead.

10. Sit Silently

When was the last time you just sat down in complete silence with no distractions? For the average person, this is probably a rare occurrence.

Sitting silently can help you reflect on your life and what’s going on in the world around you. It can also help you relax, destress, and clear your mind.

Daily challenge: Every day or as much as you would like, try to sit down for anywhere from 10-30 minutes with no distractions whatsoever.

src: Daily Challenges to Improve Your Life


During that 30 minutes, I’ll empty my mind of all chatter. And simply sit silent and amongst silence. It’ll be hard since the mind is predisposed to chattering thoughts.

Now that’ll be a challenge.

In the meanwhile, I’ll start beering again. Still no sugar, no coffee.

Image from The Daily Mind